Astro Hippie


  • Medusa Medusa

    Tie-Dye Medusa

    HYBRID / 23.5%-25.5% THC

    She’s a color saturator for your grey day with some psychedelic attitude. Think sugar coated fruit on top of a scoop of ice cream on the flavor side. The first thing you’ll notice is how ridiculously stoned you are and find yourself giggling at everything for no reason. The high then relaxes into a nice body buzz that’ll keep you going throughout your day. Perfect for smoking with friends and being goofy in social situations.

  • Medusa Medusa



    If funk is the sound then this is the smell. This is the kinda bud that will put your rhythm right into pocket. Deep woody, pine and herbal flavors on the tongue as you exhale this cure to your stressed out vibe. Feeling down? This will lift you right back up to a nice view from a cozy cloud.

  • Medusa Medusa

    Mr.B OG

    HYBRID / 25.5%-28% THC

    When its time to check out of reality for a while, Mr. B OG gotchu. Enjoy aromas of sweet diesel smells that will leave a lovely hard candy flavor on your lips after smoking. Big creative vibes will get you with this OG cross. You might also forget all your awesome high-deas so write em down. Or better yet, don’t, roll another and just enjoy being on another planet for a while. See you in space.